Neptune’s Nonsense: Superbowl Snack

Rather than raising questions about food safety, the word "nonsense" in this seafood dish should actually draw men in

Everyone knows men love finger foods when they watch the Superbowl.  This simple, yet elegant dish will have them “oohing” and “ahh-ing”, and thinking you slaved for hours to make it.  With a little help from your friend Laura Scudder’s, everyone will want to come back for more.

This simple recipe comes from Laura Scudder’s Color Moods for Party Foods (1962), a pamphlet “styled” by Virginia Stanton.  This little book is packed with tantalizing recipes from one of the West Coast’s most famous convenience food manufacturers and innovators (see our post for Superbowl Quiche for the whole history).

Where the other recipe was all about barbecue flavored chips, this one features the now discontinued Wampum Corn Chip.  This Fritos knock-off was an extruded corn product, perfect for combining with seafood and tomato juice.



2 cups Wampum Corn Chips (crushed)

1 tsp. Laura Scudder’s Garlic Dip-Mix

3 cups tomato juice

1/4 tsp. saffron

1 tsp. Laura Scudder’s Onion Dip-Mix

1 tbsp. olive oil

Dash of Tabasco sauce

Virginia Stanton. "Food Stylist" and nationally-recognized authority on all phases of the preparation and presentation of food.


Mix tomato juice with seasonings and either soak the two cups of corn chips (crushed) in this, or for a quickie, put it on the stove in a sauce pan and simmer gently.  Saute crab legs, tiny shrimp or jumbo shrimp cut in half lengthwise, or medallions of lobster.  Add equal amounts of chopped parsley and chives.  Heat thoroughly in butter and place on top of bubbling hot corn chip mixture.  Serve immediately.

My Recipe Notes

Lobster and extruded corn chips have been going hand in hand since, well, since this recipe was written.  Don’t turn your nose up at this one you food snobs.  No true Superbowl fan can resist bubbling corn chip mixture and seafood.  Serve with canned lager beer or the cheapest chardonnay you can find.


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