Stuffed Crown Roast of Frankfurters

Nothing captures one’s attention–or a man’s appetite–like 20 glistening frankfurters standing at attention on the dining room table.

"A crown roast of wieners is an ideal solution for guest problems when the budget is low." This ought to do the trick.

And that’s just the kind of subtlety the authors at the Culinary Arts Institute are capable of in the 48 page booklet, 250 Ways to Prepare MEAT (1955).  Editor and Director of the CAI, Ruth Berolzheimer, has a way with food that will stand firmly in your memory–and your stomach.

Coffee is the perfect beverage to wash down all that gristle.

Not much is known about the Culinary Arts Institute (not to be confused with the CIA–Culinary Institute of America), other than it sold nearly 7 million cookbooks by the 1970’s, mostly to housewives and home economics departments.  The first Berolzheimer cookbook was published in 1939, one year before James Beard’s first cookbook, and it was one of the first to include four-color images in a cookbook.

But never mind the CAI’s history.  If you follow this eye-catching recipe, you’re sure create your own unique gastronomic history.





Serves 10


20 frankfurters

2 cups cooked sauerkraut


Arrange frankfurters side by side, with curved side up.  Using a large needle and string, sew through all the frankfurters 1/2 inch from the bottom and 1/2 inch from the top.  Tie ends of top string together, bringing first and last frankfurter of the row together.  Repeat with bottom string.  Stand frankfurters on end to form a crown.  (Concave side should be out.)  Fill center of crown with sauerkraut.  Bake filled crown in moderate oven (375 degrees) about 20 minutes.

Fill crown with stuffing, creamed cabbage, creamed cauliflower or potato balls instead of sauerkraut.


A lady has manners, and that means refraining from using certain language.  To communicate her heartfelt emotions to her husband, she should rely on a recipe like this one to make her message clear.  Message received!


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